Distribution Operations

Achieve Efficiency With the Right Loading Dock Equipment

When your facility handles high trailer volumes, you need reliable equipment designed to take a constant beating to ensure your loading dock keeps running smoothly. Regardless of your market segment or facility size, the right loading dock equipment can help you can maximize operational efficiency through greater trailer turnaround, improved scheduling, improved communications, and improved equipment sequencing and utilization. Kelley loading dock equipment can also enhance security and minimize downtime due to service issues or accidents. Here are the products best suited to solve your high-volume facility’s problems:

Solutions for Distribution Operations

aFX® Air-Powered Dock Leveler

Powered Dock Levelers

Air-powered or hydraulic dock levelers with a high capacity rating of 40,000 lbs. or higher are the best choice for high-volume facilities. These dock levelers have been designed and rigorously tested to stand up to the constant wear and tear of high daily usage while still providing a lower lifetime cost of ownership.

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Trailer Restraints

Powered RIG-style restraints equipped with interior/exterior LED lights can optimize communication and safety for both dock workers and trailer drivers.

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Dock Doors

With a line of dock doors including powered insulated sectional doors to improve operational efficiency and damage-resistant impactable sectional doors to minimize downtime due to accidents, your high-volume facility can find the right fit.

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FF Series FLEXFRAME® Dock Shelter

Seals & Shelters

Depending on your loading requirements, a dock seal or dock shelter can keep the elements out to keep your loading dock safe and productive.

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Master Control Panels

Maximize your equipment utilization with a master control panel, which integrates and sequences the operation of all loading dock equipment for better throughput and improved safety.

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Yard & Dock Management Software

Kelley loading dock equipment integrates seamlessly with 4SIGHT logistics software, so you can monitor and manage activity in your yard and at your loading dock. 4SIGHT systems help you automate trailer scheduling and gate operations to improve productivity.

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High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans are useful in facilities of all sizes and layouts for improving temperature control and thus employee comfort, which leads to higher productivity and improved safety.

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