Dock Levelers

Kelley dock levelers have been leaders in engineering design since 1953, when Kelley invented the world’s first counterbalanced dock leveler and created an entire industry. In 1994, the introduction of the Kelley air-powered dock leveler revolutionized the industry as we know it today. Kelley dock levelers continue to feature innovations that are stronger, longer-lasting and more dependable for a more productive workplace. From economical mechanicals and economically efficient air-powered dock levelers to high-capacity hydraulic units, there’s a Kelley leveler for every loading dock.

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Learn more about the range of Kelley Dock Levelers:

Mechanical Dock Levelers

A pit-mounted dock leveler that requires manual activation using an extension spring counterbalance

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Air-Powered Dock Levelers

An innovative dock leveler powered by air bag lifting technology, with the added benefits of smooth operation and push-button controls to avoid ergonomic concerns

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Hydraulic Dock Levelers

A powered, pit-mounted dock leveler with a full range of control options designed to meet the demands of high-volume loading docks

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Edge of Dock Levelers

This cost-effective loading dock leveler for light to medium traffic loading docks mounts to the face of the dock to assist with loading and unloading of trailers, making it an economical alternative to portable plates.

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